Residence Het Klooster

Residence Het Klooster

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The monastery was built in 1899 and was designed by an architect that also designed the Willibrodurs church which is also located in Wassenaar. The original monastery consisted of a main building and several separate buildings.

With the renovation of the monastery, the separate buildings were removed which made the monastery look more appealing. However, the stairwell and layout of the building was kept in its original state.

With these changes 5 beautiful apartments  have been created at ‚ÄúResidence het Klooster". The apartments have all kept the authentic details of the monastery. The monastery has been given a modern look by mixing the two styles and adding an extension on the side of the building which creates more space.

"Residence het Klooster" has 3 floors, with 2 apartments on the ground and first floor and a penthouse located at the top of the monastery. On the ground floor an elevator is located which can only be used by a private key. This elevator will take you straight into your apartment. In front of the monastery there is a large private lot with a carport which provides one parking space for each apartment and 2 for the penthouse. Also there is one extra parking space available on the private area for each apartment.